The Colorado Department of Education recognizes that by engaging in a continuous improvement cycle, schools can improve their effectiveness and outcomes for students. To support this purpose, the Education Accountability Act of 2009 requires each Colorado district and school to create an improvement plan.

The plan provides information on the district or school’s data trends, root causes and targets, and identifies strategies and resources the district or school will use to improve student academic outcomes.

The primary purpose of the UIP is to align efforts to:

Ensure all students exit the K-12 education system ready for post secondary education, and/or to be successful in the workforce, learning a living wage immediately upon graduation.

The UIP enables schools to focus attention on the right things (performance indicators), evaluate performance by gathering, analyzing and interpreting data, plan improvement strategies based on data analysis, implement planned improvement strategies, and evaluate performance and implementation at least quarterly. Attached you will find the Unified Improvement Plan for Aurora West College Preparatory Academy.

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10100 E. 13th Ave.
Aurora, CO 80010
Phone: 303-366-2671
FAX: 303-326-1260
Principal: Taisiya Tselolikhina
School Hours: 7:45-3:15

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