Contact a counselor at 303-366-2671

Name Position Email Number
Neheme Aristide 8th/9th Counselor 26036
Ayde Avila Student Advocate 26018
Sharon Kinnard 7th/10th Counselor 26039
Keshia Porter School Psychologist 26037
Linda Pounds CIS 26017
Brynn Robles 6th/11th/12th Counselor 26070
Sherri Somerville CIS 26072
Andrea Tabb Psychologist 26025

The following are functions of the AWCPA Counseling Department:

  • Assist students towards academic improvement and a plan of study, placement into appropriate courses and programs, attendance improvement, and study skills development.

  • Assist students towards meeting their APS Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP).

  • Assist students towards personal/social growth concerning self-esteem, communication skills, decision making, relationship skills, and empathy.

  • Support students’ emotional and physical safety at AWCPA.

  • Provide crisis intervention services to address self-injury, suicidal ideation, child abuse, substance abuse, and provide follow-up services as needed.

  • Provide support to students’ parents/guardians.

  • Provide support to teachers.

Students who wish to meet with and speak to a counselor may make an appointment to do so during a passing period, while at lunch, or before or after school. It is up to the student to make an appointment on her/his own time. Students are not allowed to arrive late to a class because they were making an appointment to speak with a counselor. Students wishing to speak with a counselor will be given a pass to do so. As well, students are given a signed and dated pass (that includes the time the student left the Counseling Office) to return to class after meeting with a counselor.


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