Literacy  Level/Subject Email Ext.
Sarah Gasior  Multicultural Literacy  26050
Shawna Jensen 11th and 12th Grade Literacy 63152
Krista Lowe 9th and 10th Grade Literacy 62045
Brittany Spear English/ELD 46087
Math  Level/Subject Email Ext
Darren Kurpecky Math/Core 2 63797
Jasmina Radjenovic Math/Core 1  62577
Nicole Serinaldi Math 62728
Science Level/Subject Email Ext
Samantha Le Physics/Robotics 62713
Terry McGregor Biology/Anatomy & Physiology 62570
Lucas Nkwelle Chemistry 62409
Social Studies  Level/Subject Email Ext
Jeff Allen Psychology Lat American 64853
Melissa Ptolemy US History 62387
Stacy Quiroz-Brown Civics/AP Geography 63187