Message from the Principal

I am always driven by the reason for doing this work, which entails knowing the "compelling why" upon which our work is impinged.  When I know why I am doing something it helps me to be able to know how to put everything I have to accomplish this goal for the right reason.  The compelling reason that I do this work is because it's what's right.  Our kids deserve the best and should be guaranteed to have it.  Oftentimes they don't get what they deserve, of no fault of their own, but due to an opportunity gap-opportunities not being presented the right way, at the right time, or with the right support-that places them at a disadvantage.  It is our job to overcome the disadvantage they might face and instead give them every advantage to accelerate their ability to go after what they truly deserve.  
It is our job to gather influence and help them to unlock their highest potential to accelerate them down the path towards their chosen destination.  Our students often face barriers and it is our job to break down these barriers so that our students can break through them.  Eventually our students become alumni who show others the way to the destination now that they have cleared the path.  Alternatively, they show others how to break through different barriers now that they have done so in their own path.  This creates a movement, a revolution of sorts, that accelerates the drive to create a better world one community, one person, one lesson, one moment at a time.  This is our compelling why.  It is our mission to leverage every iota of influence, power, privilege, or strength that we have acquired to help others so that they, in turn, will do the same while inspiring others to do the same.  
This is our mission.  We are a powerful, innovative, dynamic organization committed to supporting and developing the excellence of every student every day to empower them to create the future that they deserve.  As the ACTION's Zone's Flagship we lead the way in this pursuit and model for others what is possible for every young person.  Our mission is a critical part  of the ACTION Zone's mission and that of the Aurora Public Schools.  We bring the best to our community by accomplishing this mission and striving for more each and every day and supporting our larger community to accomplish their part of this mission.  Our work is a calling, a commitment to the greater good, a dedication to serving those who need us most and deserve the best.  We offer our talents towards this worthy pursuit to inspire others to do the same when it is their turn to lead and serve their community as we do today.    
Our mission in the Spartan Nation is to prepare every student for unparalleled excellence in college, career, and life.   We do our job by providing students with rigorous learning experiences, a supportive environment that promotes accountability and success, skills and credentials to unlock doors, and the inspiration to unlock their greatest potential and bring it to the world in what they do best.  We do our job despite any barriers and against all odds because it's what our kids deserve and our community expects.  Our community needs us to do our job-and that's what Spartan Warriors do.

On behalf of the Spartan Nation I am thrilled to welcome you to the next phase of your journey; we are honored that you are joining us for this important milestone in your life.  As a student in our academy you are embarking on the final stretch of your path towards college and your career. Our commitment at Aurora West is to provide every student with every advantage possible in this pursuit.  When you commit to the Spartan Nation you are agreeing to give your best every day and make choices that advance your progress towards the future of your choice.  In return we will ensure that you are ready for the rigors of college, the challenges of a complex workforce, and the demands of life as an adult in our globally competitive world.  

Our mission is to prepare every graduate for unparalleled excellence in college, career, and life.  We are committed to providing you with the skills, credentials, and experience to help you to reach your goals and become an influential force for good in our community.  During your high school career you will engage in rigorous, challenging coursework that will prepare you to succeed and to help make you the strongest competitor when you apply for college and your future career.  

Early in your high school career you will be accelerated into college level coursework with high levels of support; this will provide you with college credit-free of charge.  Ideally, you will have, at a minimum, the first years of college coursework completed and paid for before you graduate from high school.  Based on current average costs of tuition, this is a $25,000 to $94,000 value that can increase your lifetime earnings by over $1,000,000.  All of this is offered free of charge due to your efforts and membership in the academic legacy of Aurora

This will take work, dedication, and perseverance which I know that you have.  The Spartan Nation is committed to you and your success and we are honored that you are making this commitment to yourself by trusting us to help you prepare for your future.  I look forward to being part of this exciting journey with you and provide my own guarantee that if you stick with us and give it your all you’re going to like the way your future looks, I guarantee it.

--Dr. D.