2018-19 Spartan Activities

Crush Wall Field Trip

by Elena Cruz

     On September 5th, 2018, fifteen high school Spartans attended Denver’s Crush Walls art Festival, a week-long celebration of graffiti and street art with artists from all over the globe expressing their creativity on the streets of Denver. When attending the art festival we were given a tour by a local guide Joseph Booter Quintana who took us to all the different art pieces and gave some background information on each piece of art. He introduced the Spartans to some very famous artist like Shepard Fairey, Nomad Clan, PichiAvo, Laurence Vallières, and many other amazing artists.

     He even introduced us to the creator of the event, Robin Munro (Dread). Students were looking in all directions of Downtown enjoying the art on every corner. Every artist the students went to would stop doing their work and would feel free to answer questions the young artists would ask like, “What are some of the challenges you have faced?” They asked about the history behind their careers, and asked about any technics they use when working on a project. Chad Bolsinger, one of the artists, told the students when asking for advice, “Don’t do it for the likes, do what YOU like.”

    Overall the students had a lot of fun and met many artists and learned a lot from the experience. Twelfth grader Mariana Leon said “This day was inspirational to me, as a young artist. All the artists were friendly and interacted with us, working to build up our self-confidence as artists. That kind of encouragement is needed for many who aren’t ‘good’ from the get-go.”