Safety and Security Protocols

  • APS staff are required to wear employee identification badges on district property.

  • APS middle and high school students are required to wear identification badges on school property during school hours. Please click here
    to read the complete Board of Education policy on staff and student identification procedures.

  • All exterior doors must be locked at elementary, P-8 and middle schools.

  • All exterior doors must be locked at high schools with the exception of a single designated entrance, which is monitored by staff members.

  • All classroom/office doors must be in the locked position at all times. Doors may be open or propped, but must always be locked.

  • Classroom or office doors should be shut and locked when rooms are vacant.

  • All prospective volunteers must be approved by APS Security. Please click here
    to download the volunteer application form.

  • All visitors to APS schools are required to have their identification scanned by the Raptor Visitor Management System. Visitors will be required to wear a visitor's badge while in the building or on school property. Upon departing, visitors are required to check out at the main office and return the visitor's badge to school officials. Please click here to read the complete Board of Education policy on school visitors.

Standard Response Protocol Language

APS uses a two-tier standard response protocol language system, Secure Perimeter and Lockdown. For more information on the meaning of Secure Perimeter and Lockdown, please click here. Staff may also view a podcast of our Secure Perimeter and Lockdown protocols by clicking here.

APS Security delivered Standard Response Protocol cards and posters to schools and support sites earlier this year. If you do not have your Standard Response Protocol card, please contact your school secretary or APS Security.


Staff and students are encouraged to report any security concerns to the building principal, Aurora Police or APS Security. Staff and students may also anonymously report security concerns to Safe2Tell. Please visit this link to get more information about the Safe2Tell program: or call 1-877-542-SAFE.

Lockdown and Secure Perimeter Drill Requirements:

  • One Lockdown Drill

  • One Secure Perimeter Drill

Fire and Tornado Drill Requirements:

  • Ten fire drills, including a hazardous materials safety drill

  • One Tornado Drill

Please note:

  • All lockdown and secure perimeter drills must be completed by October 1, 2019.

  • All fire drills must be completed by May 1, 2020.

  • All tornado drills must be completed by May 1, 2020.

  • Fire evacuations caused by false alarms or drills conducted by the Aurora Fire Department do not count as an official fire drill.

  • Aurora Fire Department requires copies of emergency drill data. Please click here and follow the link to the emergency drill data page.

  • Please contact APS Security Dispatch at ext. 28484, prior to conducting any emergency procedure drill.

Emergency Procedures Protocol Support

The revised Emergency Procedures Guidebook can be accessed here. Please download this guidebook and reference as needed.

Please contact APS Security Director Greg Cazzell or myself if you have questions or comments regarding APS Safety and Security protocols.


Anthony W. Sturges

Chief Operating Officer

Division of Support Services

Hinkley High School Class of 1981