Community Schools


What is a community school?

A community school is both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. Its integrated approach brings together many different partners to provide a range of opportunities for students to thrive regardless of their race, family income level, or the zip code in which they live.

Outside of school factors such as as hunger, inadequate health care, and unstable housing can impact a child's ability to attend school "ready to learn" every day. Despite these barriers, children have assets and talents that often go unexplored if they don't have access to resources and enriching opportunities.

Community schools address these outside of school factors by providing integrated student supports, expanded learning time and opportunities, family and community engagement, and collaborative leadership and practices.

Community Schools is a zone-wide initiative that encompasses, AWCPA, Central HS, Boston K-8, Paris Elementary, and Crawford Elementary. Community Schools is led by a community schools coordinator and a family liaison.


Lexi Thomas

Lexi Thomas is the Family Liaison at Aurora West College Preparatory Academy. As a Family Liaison, her main role is to be accessible to all families and to help them connect with the school and our community. At AWCPA, we firmly believe in improved academic results are due to parent participation and fostering bilateral communication is vital in order to develop family-school trust.

Lexi provides opportunities for family participation at school through programs such as Parent in Action and having monthly parent coffees covering a variety of topics from attendance and graduation requirements to adult education classes for parents.She also manages the Community School store where families are welcome to shop the food and clothing bank. From our Community School Store, she also runs the Totes of Hope program that is partnered with Food Bank of the Rockies. Her office is always open with resources available to loan out to parents, with information on food banks, community resources, community classes, and much more.

Lexi can be contacted at: - (303) 366-2671 x26066

Morgan Norwood

Morgan Norwood is the Community School Coordinator at Aurora West.  At AWCPA, we believe that our community is one of our greatest assets and all students deserve equitable access to opportunities to be successful in school and in life.  Morgan works with community partners to connect the school with resources and programs that support the academic, social, emotional, and health needs of our school community.  

As the Community School Coordinator, Morgna's main role is to build and strengthen relationships between the school and the community.  She helps integrate community partners into the school and connects students and families to programs such as Soccer Without Borders, Familia Adelante, Youth Natural Leaders, and much more!  

Morgan can be contacted at  - (303) 366-2671 x26017



The Community Schools team is coordinating a bank of verified resources and community partners that will continue to provide services to families in the community. If your family could benefit from these resources, please contact Morgan Norwood using the links below. She and Lexi will be more than happy to work with you to assess your needs and connect you with the appropriate support. Additional health and community navigators are available that can also take referrals and connect families with a range of services.

During the coming days and weeks, we will be adding resources for families to access. You can also stay abreast of news and information through the AWCPA Family and Community Facebook page located at or by clicking here.

Free Meals

Families are reminded that Aurora Public Schools will continue to offer FREE meals to our families. Please visit or click here for more information. The meals will be provided at 16 locations. All three meals, which include vegetarian options, will be available together for pickup through a grab-and-go system. Thanks to generous philanthropic support, we are now able to provide meals to everyone, including adults. Please refer to the times and locations through the link listed above.


  • After School Snacks - The after school snack program ensures that students participating in after school programs or activities have access to free healthy snacks. Click here to sign your after school group up for this program!
  • Parents in Action - Parents In Action (PIA) is a program that engages parents to analyze school challenges and design community based solutions. PIA uses the knowledge parents have on their own children and local community to empower them to become parent leaders and partners working together to create positive student, school, and community change.
  • Parent Coffees
  • Parent Workshops
  • PC's for Kids - Aurora West has been selected to host a computer distribution allowing families to purchase a $60 computer complete with one
    year warranty and computer literacy training. In order to host an event we need at least 50 families to turn in an application form. This is a great opportunity for our families to gain access to affordable technology, so please encourage students to take this information home! Forms are located in the main office and media center and can be turned into Morgan Norwood in the counseling office.
  • Soccer Without Borders - Soccer Without Borders has officially launched and provides an opportunity for our middle school students to participate in daily after school soccer! They are currently serving around 30 students and have room to grow! If you would like to refer a student or get more information on volunteering please see Laura Kranish in the media center.
  • Totes of Hope - Each week we receive up to 50 bags of food from Food Bank of the Rockies for students to take home on the weekend. If
    you would like to refer a student for this program please contact Lexi Thomas at - (303) 366-2671 x26066.


  • Stay tuned for more information about our wonderful community partners!