Class of 2027

Future 9th grade Spartans


Application Presentation

Class of 2027


What inspires you to be part of the Spartan Nation and what will you contribute to the Spartan Nation if admitted to AWCPA High School?  


AWCPA 9th grade Application

Applications are DUE Friday, January 27

Your application to AWCPA’s class of 2027 must include one of the following presentations.  You may submit a written essay or a video demonstrating your fit with and contribution to the Spartan Nation.  Files will be reviewed on a rolling basis between November 1 and January 27, so we recommend submitting your artifact early.  


Use the following resources and any others that you locate to guide the development of your artifact.  

Our mission at Aurora West College Preparatory Academy is to prepare EVERY student for unparalleled success in college, career, and life in a dynamic and exciting new world.   We revolutionize learning and school culture to ensure that every student is inspired and empowered to unlock his/her/their identity to maximize and realize their highest potential as leaders, change agents, and revolutionaries who make the world a better place, one person at a time.  

Our vision is that AWCPA graduates are college, career, and life ready.  Graduates will possess college credit, authentic career preparations, connections, experience, and confidence in their abilities which will provide them with a competitive advantage in any setting.  Employers and college recruiters will compete for our graduates and our families will like the way their children’s future looks, we guarantee it.    


Our Core Beliefs include:

ALL students deserve equitable access to rigorous, relevant learning experiences which will culminate in college level coursework prior to graduation.  Every member of the CREW has a special role in carrying out our mission and contributing to our community in meaningful ways.  


EVERY student will be ready for college, career, and life and we embrace our responsibility to ensure that they are.

EVERY CREW member has strengths which need to be nurtured and maximized for the benefit of our community

EVERY student deserves respect, dignity, and belief in their abilities as leaders, change agents, and revolutionaries who make the world a better place, one day, one person at a time.  




Mastery of academic content comes through:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Working collaboratively
  • Communicating effectively
  • Learning how to learn

Academic Mindsets that lead to success in learning outcomes include:

  • I belong in this academic community.
  • I can succeed at this.
  • My ability and confidence grow with my effort.
  • This work has value for me.

At AWCPA, we are all CREW, not passengers.  This means that you are an essential part of the AWCPA mission.  We learn together, we get better together, and we win together.


AWCPA 9th grade Application 



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