2018-19 Programs

Upward Bound

by Maribel Valadez

This picture was taken July 14, 2018, at CSU for the Upward Bound Olympics, where we met all the High School Upward Bound programs in Colorado. We competed in sports and many other challenging games this day.


     AWCPA has a program that is available for all high schoolers to get ready for the future and their college path. Upward Bound is a federally funded educational program within the United States that helps many people be successful throughout their high school years. They prepare seniors with the help for FAFSA, college applications, and college essays.

     Towards the end of my junior year, Jonatan Hernandez and Sheena Martinez recruited me and interviewed me. This is how I got accepted to the Upward Bound program, also known as TRIO. In the Summer of 2018, we were taking a summer program that was 6 weeks long and it was honestly the best thing ever. It helped me to start building confidence in myself and it challenged me each time we went on college visits. At our first retreat, which was at the YMCA of the Rocky Mountains we challenged each other to do the high ropes course. The classes we had all week were educational. We had study hall, math, creative writing, and science movement. It was a great experience to get lots of help from instructors, mentors, and advisors. Upward Bound is definitely a program you should join. As a senior, the program has helped me so much and they still continue to meet with me about my senior year and college. We also have a class with Jonatan where we get all types of information about different careers, learn vocab, study to catch up with work, and plan our careers. West did an amazing job including this program that helps students be prepared and have lots of help, Upward Bound is a great family that will take you in and it is a place where you'll find help with everything and everyone. Right now, head to the library, get an application and talk to Sheena or Jonatan about joining the UB family.

     Upward Bound is a lot more than a program, it's where I found a second family. All of these people became family throughout the program we believed and challenged each other all of Summer 2018. This program is like a real-life experience of the college life and nothing has felt more right than sharing my future with my advisory and mentors. AWCPA is a great place to attend. It is where students who love sports, theater, diversity, and college support will find everything they want. At AWCPA we have everything a student from middle school to high school will need--it is a school for ALL.