Greetings students, families and community members,

It is hard to believe that first semester is already over.  It has been an honor and a pleasure to support students in learning new skills and demonstrating proficiency. We are proud of the hard work, determination and self advocacy skills our students displayed in the first semester and look forward to more new learning in the second semester.

Below are upcoming news:


All students in grades 6-8 took the second iReady diagnostic test.  Each grade level showed growth in Reading as well as in Math. Thank you to our students for their persistence and accountability in showing what they learned.  iReady is a predictor of academic performance on the CMAS test, which is a state assessment administered each year in March.



All students in grades 9-12 took the second MAPS diagnostic test.  Almost every grade level showed growth in English as well as in Math. Thank you to our students for their persistence and accountability in showing what they learned.  MAPS is a predictor of academic performance on the P/SAT which are national assessments administered each year in April.


Report cards:

Students will be bringing home report cards on January 10th.  This year our report cards will display all of the standards the students learned in each class, and a grade for each of those standards.  The semester grade for the course is then determined from the proficiency students showed on each individual standard. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please reach out to your respective counselors and administrators to make an appointment.


ACCESS testing:

All English Language Learners will be taking the ACCESS tests the second and third weeks of January.  This test shows us how students’ knowledge of English is progressing in the domains of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.


7th grade ISSN Night:

Assemblies to honor and celebrate the students’ achievement in the second quarter will take place on 1/17/19.


Please join us to celebrate 17th grader’s hard work in researching and creating global competency projects on January 17th 5:00-7:00.  Students will present their projects and showcase their learning to one other, families and community members. Light snacks will be provided.

February Concern Conferences:

Our next conferences are on February 8th, 1:15-4:45.  You may be getting a phone call from one of our teachers inviting you to the conference.  The purpose of this format is to create a focused opportunity for teachers, families and students to connect, share feedback and determine the most supportive next steps.  If you are interested in meeting with your students teachers, please reach out to your grade level administrator and they will schedule you a time.


6th Grade

7th Grade

Assistant Principal: Morgan Spanel

Dean of Culture: Ricardo King

Counselor: Ashley Phillips

Dean of Instruction: Denise Huber

Dean of Culture: Aretha Savaloja

Counselor: Jordann Lewis

8th Grade

9-12th Grade

Assistant Principal: Jessica Rodriguez Bracey

Dean of Culture: Kevin Osborn

Counselor: Shazia Suhleria

Dean of Instruction: Tushar Rae

Dean of Culture/Athletic Director: Kevin Stroud

Counselor: Courtney Dauer


Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to reach out with questions at (303) 366-2671.




Taya Tselolikhina