Aurora West College Preparatory Academy (AWCPA) is all about relationships – relationships with teachers and staff, relationships with friends, and a connection to the school curriculum. Middle and High School is also a time for building on fundamentals from writing and mathematics to science and computer skills. Our athletics and fine arts departments also provide enhancements at this level with a broad range of opportunities to find students’ individual talents.

Key priorities for this year:

  • All students and staff will feel safe, valued, and inspired.

  • There is rigorous, relevant grade level learning every day in every classroom for every student that has been differentiated to support the needs of the diverse learners we serve.

  • We will have all of the necessary supports to ensure that every student can access this learning and overcome obstacles or barriers to success.

  • Our school will become a central hub of the neighborhood and vital connection in the community

Your student’s success at AWCPA depends on a positive relationship among parents and all members of the community, teachers, support staff and school administrators. Together we can help students find their voice and help them to excel in their endeavors from academics and the arts to athletics and activities. This positive partnership will help students be successful will prepare them for success in school and beyond.

Information your students will need to be successful can be found in this Student Handbook. In it you will find school guidelines and expectations, important contact numbers, information on grading, discipline policies and procedures, cell phone policies, attendance information, and tips to be successful.

You can download the Student Handbook here.