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Community In Schools / Counselor Team

Community In Schools – surrounds students with a community of support empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Our evidence-based approach, adapted to meet each community’s unique needs, is the key to our success.

Sherri Somerville – Site Coordinator
Linda Pounds – Case Manager

Counselor Team
Counselors assist students in the areas of academics, careers, and personal /social growth. The team work to ensure the success of all students at AWCPA.

Marie Arstide – grade lever 8th & 9th
Brynn Robles- 6th 11th 12th
Sharon Kinnard – 7th 10th


Name Position Email Number
Neheme Aristide 8th/9th Counselor 26036
Ayde Avila Student Advocate 26018
Sharon Kinnard 7th/10th Counselor 26039
Keshia Porter School Psychologist 26037
Linda Pounds CIS 26017
Brynn Robles 6th/11th/12th Counselor 26070
Sherri Somerville CIS 26072
Andrea Tabb Psychologist 26025


Aurora West College Preparatory Academy is fortunate to have a great team to support our efforts with family and community outreach. Our team works with parents, teachers and administrators to support students and their families in setting goals, planning strategies and arranging resources that will help students to be successful in school, at home and in their environment. Among the many services that the family and community outreach team offers to AWCPA families are:

· Welcoming families to AWCPA and helping them feel at home.
· Building a sense of community among students, parents, teachers and administrators.
· Advocating for AWCPA families to insure that their needs are met.
· Coordinating parent classes, parent coffees, family nights, and the Accountability Committee.
· Doing outreach for AWCPA families through home visits and phone calls.
· Providing interpreters for parent conferences and family meetings.
· Providing resources for families and students including clothing, food, school supplies and information on low or no cost doctor visits.

Volunteering at AWCPA
Parents are partners in their student’s education. There are many opportunities for you to become an active volunteer at AWCPA. You might choose to assist with chaperoning field trips, being a safety crossing guard, working in the Media Center, and much more. Research shows that students whose parents are involved in their child's education are more likely to earn higher grades, pass their classes, attend school regularly, graduate from high school, and go on to attain a post-secondary education. If you are interested in volunteering, or if you have any questions in regards to family and community outreach, please contact Sherri Somerville at 303–366–2671 ext, 26072 or Linda Pounds at 303–366–2671 ext, 26071



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