Structures that support our students and staff

 • Our schedule allows for teachers to work as collaborative teams.
 • Systems, structures, and supports for second language learners.
 • Focus on Senior Capstone/Internships.
 • Early release Fridays, dedicated to professional development.
 • Small school feel through middle school teaming and targeted         high school classes.
 • Access to electives for all students, including language learners.
 • Family engagement structures to reach out to the community.


“I like the diversity of our school and how our community gives us multiple perspectives to learn from. Being a 6-12 gives us
 the unique opportunity to grow and build off each other. The staff here is dedicated to student growth
and success.” 

    —Daniela, grade 11


“West has a highly collaborative and professional atmosphere. I like that we are encouraged to balance purposeful instruction with creativity Everyday, I appreciate our culture of positive student-staff relationships.”

    —Colin, 6th grade science teacher