Community Schools


What is a community school?

A community school is both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. Its integrated approach brings together many different partners to provide a range of opportunities for students to thrive regardless of their race, family income level, or the zip code in which they live.

Outside of school factors such as hunger, inadequate health care, and unstable housing can impact a child's ability to attend school "ready to learn" every day. Despite these barriers, children have assets and talents that often go unexplored if they don't have access to resources and enriching opportunities.

Community schools address these outside-of-school factors by providing integrated student supports, expanded learning time and opportunities, family and community engagement, and collaborative leadership and practices.

Community Schools is a zone-wide initiative that encompasses, AWCPA, Central HS, Boston K-8, Paris Elementary, and Crawford Elementary. Community Schools is led by a community schools coordinator and a family liaison.


Morgan Norwood

Morgan Norwood

Morgan Norwood is the Community School Coordinator at Aurora West. At AWCPA, we believe that our community is one of our greatest assets and all students deserve equitable access to opportunities to be successful in school and in life. Morgan works with community partners to connect the school with resources and programs that support the academic, social, emotional, and health needs of our school community.

As the Community School Coordinator, Morgan's main role is to build and strengthen relationships between the school and the community. She helps integrate community partners into the school and connects students and families to programs such as Soccer Without Borders, Familia Adelante, Youth Natural Leaders, and much more!


  • Morgan Norwood, Community Schools Coordinator - [email protected] - (303) 366-2671 x26017